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10 Tips for Creating Joyful Wellness Even During the Challenging Times!

For people with a long-term health condition

Creating Joyful Wellness is a nice thought for when things calm down a bit, right? 

🤔Think again!🤔 When you have a long-term health condition, life has a habit of continuously getting in the way of our good intentions. But it doesn’t have to be that way!


With these simple but super-powerful changes, you can put yourself on a creative path to wellbeing, no matter what is going on in your life.


These 10 things have been the foundation for me living joyfully well for many years despite  ME/CFS and with them, I have helped 100's of people transform their lives.

  • Are you fed up with struggling and striving for better health and functioning?
  • Ready to step off the merry-go-round of one thing after another demanding your energy and never really getting to put your wellness first?

  • Tired of waiting for things to settle down?

 💫 What if I told you that there was an easier way to create a beautiful life of wellness, independent of your physical condition? 💫

Imagine a life in which you feel contentment, peace and joy on a daily basis, a life where you feel connected to your spiritual side and feel empowered and confident that you are creating a life you love.

  • Put yourself on a track of easy, flowing manifestation.
  • Enjoy a sense of purpose and empowerment.
  • Start spending energy on the things you choose to spend it on, instead of having it stolen away

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These simple tips will help you open to the flow of wellness and receive what you desire to create.  And there is no struggle involved! Each tip allows you to transform your life, simply by harmonising with the nature of the universe and listening to your holistic self. It’s all about letting it be easy!

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My name is Julie, I'm a Holistic Life coach with lived experience of creating joyful wellness whilst living with ME/CFS. For many years I did it the hard way, and I was pretty much a self-help expert.  But then I discovered the the keys to co-creation and now my joyful wellness flows with so much ease!

Let me be your guide 💜