Fed up of pushing, striving and fighting against chronic illness? Looking for a new more relaxed, joyful, purposeful way of living?

  • Do you find that no matter how hard you try, something always seems to get in the way of your progress?
  • Does working on your wellbeing feel like all pressure and no joy?
  • Perhaps, in your determination to create a better life you find that you can't help pushing and crashing?
  • You'd love to have a sense of purpose, but purpose seems to be risky to your health?

What if I told you that a relaxed, happy purposeful life isn't just possible with a chronic illness but can actually be easy?

In my FREE video guide I'll show you how to thrive with a chronic illness without having to push and strive, and how to let it be easy!

My name is Julie and I'm a holistic life coach and a chronic illness thriver! I've been able to create a dream life for myself despite living with ME/CFS.  However, over the last couple of years I've suffered some major health setbacks as a result of a nasty virus and the COVID vaccines. Despite my functionality being lower than ever, I still live a happy and purposeful life and I want to show you how to do that too!

Judy now treats herself with more compassion and looks after herself better. She puts herself first, takes things at a slower pace,  and has found peace with living with chronic illness.

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