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If you're reading this, you've scanned a QR code on a jar containing my fondest childhood memories - My grandma Oki's cinnamon candied orange peels.  

Grandma Oki's Cinnamon Candied Orange Peels 🍊

These natural, hand-made, vegan-friendly sweets come in glass jars, containing 55 grams each.  I offer two flavors for your selection. Price per jar is: 

  • Regular flavor = ฿198 
  • Chilli flavor = ฿198

These are artisanal products - Every jar is numbered and signed. 



  • Buy 3 jars, get 1 FREE
  • Return a jar to get a ฿13 voucher for your next purchase. 

Product, Ingredients, & Preparation

The peels only contain the following ingredients:

  • Regular: Orange peels, brown sugar, cinnamon, love

  • Chilli Infused: Orange peels, brown sugar, cinnamon, ground dried red chilli, love 

They're slow cooked several times to remove impurities and bitterness from the orange peels. 

Continue reading for the full list of ingredients , and their health benefits.

Health Benefits


Regulates blood sugar, reduces inflammation, combats infections, possesses antioxidant properties, improves digestion, lowers cholesterol, boosts cognitive function, and may contribute to weight loss management.


Cooked Orange Peels

Provide antioxidants, fiber, and essential oils, boosting immunity, aiding digestion, and supporting heart health, while reducing inflammation and cholesterol.


Red Chilli Powder

Aids digestion, maintains blood pressure, reduces inflammation, aids weight loss, improves cognitive function, heart health, nasal congestion, builds immunity, improves eye health, and promotes healthy skin and hair.


Orders, commercial inquiries, & contact details

I am Mike Darnell.

Cured is a passion project that came about when a bunch of friends encouraged me to scale up my candy making, which had been reseved for personal consumption and gifts. For commercial / partnership inquiries, candy on consignment, or anything else, find me at:

Candy for the Community

CURED is grateful for the opportunity to help

This charity, registered both in Thailand and in Australia, is dedicated to saving Thailand’s most vulnerable children from dangerous environments and to provide a home for those without family or relatives.


Lucky 13 - For the Kids :) 

How do we help?

It's simple - The revenue from every 13th CURED jar sold goes in full to this charity, so these kids can have a slightly sweeter life...


Are you smart enough to get free candy?

Highso - High Tea - Credibility | Community | Cannabis

There's a riddle hiding in the CURED logo.

The answer is a global idiom. 


If you think you know what the idiom is, you can send me your solution, and if you got it right - The correct idiom, and it's source - i will gift you a jar of candy at the next event you attend. 

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